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About Us

Grand Rapids Carvers has been crafting quality woodworking and decorative wood products for over 70 years in the custom wood furniture city of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Grand Rapids, Michigan was established on the bank of the Grand River where during the second half of the 19th century, the city became a major lumbering center due to the river's ability to carry lumber to mills. This brought businessmen to the city to set up furniture making companies such as Berkey and Gay, Widdicomb, Sligh, Hekman and Phoenix - who were among some of the most prominent. For this reason, Grand Rapids was nicknamed the "Furniture City of America." After an international exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876, Grand Rapids became recognized worldwide as a leader in the production of fine furniture. National home furnishing markets were held in Grand Rapids for about 75 years, concluding in the 1960s. Today, Grand Rapids is considered a world leader in the production of office furniture.

In order for the furniture makers to incorporate beautiful Victorian carvings onto their pieces, they needed to employ skilled carvers. Thus, the Grand Rapids Carvers Union was formed to protect the many carvers who were in demand. Out of that union, our business was formed in 1930 and is still making the carved overlays, corbels, church symbolism pieces and many furniture parts that were being used in the early 1900s.

In the skilled hands of our master carvers a carefully selected piece of Oak, Maple Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut becomes a finely chiseled architectural wood carving that warms and enhances any setting.

Equally skilled in turning a beautiful column or defining the intricacies of a custom designed crest, rosette or molding; Grand Rapids Carvers strives for perfection in each decorative wood element.

We have diversified over the years to accommodate the needs of the growing furniture industry, office and residential, by being able to furnish superb quality millwork, turnings, carvings, CNC techniques, and the assembling and finishing any product.

Our business has been owned by the same family for the last 30 years and takes great pride in building a quality American-made product with excellence in customer service.